What are the benefits of choosing High-Performance Precast Concrete?

How versatile is precast/pre-stressed concrete:

Aesthetic opportunities

  • A variety of texture packs. Opt for clean-cut looks, homey sands or a facade that’s rough around the edges. High-Performance Precast Concrete concrete can provide the right setting.
  • Precast concrete color choices are infinite. Let our “Artists Palette” Learn@Lunch spark your creativity!
  • Go beyond a simple color scheme. Custom formliners allow the imagination to flow freely when it comes to preparing with precast.

Structural freedom

  • Ornate decor? Load-bearing beams? Iconic symbols of state pride? If you can mold it, you can behold it. For more inspiration, follow us on instagram precastcma

Several functions

  • Quick installation and preparation times offer a unique benefit to prestressed concrete, the ability to re-use it. From highway barriers to wall panels, the re-installation process is easy and efficient.

Perot the Building

Value your resources

Risk reduction

  • Gain control of your project by using products created in a controlled environment.

Energy-saving materials

  • Sustainability and design go hand in hand with prestressed concrete. Curious about the energy saving capabilities with precast? Book a Learn@lunch session to learn more.

Time efficient

  • Time is an overlooked resource when it comes to managing projects. Deadlines are quite deadly without the right materials. Prepare for anything with quick installation times.

Time-tested and trusted resilience

Precast has stood the test of time

High-Performance concrete can withstand natural disasters

  • Widespread fires
  • Severe thunderstorms
  • Catastrophic earthquakes
  • Tornados
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