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high-performance precast concrete, Security Service Federal Credit Union, precast concrete parking structures

How Precast Builds: An Introduction to Precast Concrete

Continuing code changes and increasing sustainability requirements are just some of the factors increasing demand. Find out more

Artists Palette aesthetic versatility of precast concrete PCMA high-performance industrial building materials aesthetically pleasing versatile design texas oklahoma new mexico precast concrete

How Precast Builds: Architectural Versatility

High-Performance materials should provide aesthetic versatility in order to meet a structure’s architectural requirements. Find out more

How Precast Builds: Parking Structures

Today’s parking structures have to be built sustainably, reduce operational and maintenance costs, last longer and have more stringent aesthetic requirements. Find out more

Champion Parking Garage, High-Performance Parking Structure Design

How Precast Builds: High Performance Enclosure Systems

The envelope not only serves as a barrier between the outside environment and conditioned space but also as a part of the aesthetic expression for the structure. Find out more

High Performance Concrete Enclosure Baylor Medical Care
designing school buildings, Precast concrete design for schools Canadian Valley

How Precast Builds: Resilient K-12 Schools

Schools can be built to be sustainable, durable to reduce maintenance costs while providing a safe environment for young minds to flourish and learn. Find out more

Athletic Facility Design, Kyle Field Stadium Texas A&M

How Precast Builds: High Performance Sports Facilities

We see expansions of professional sports teams, new extreme sports being introduced, old facilities being rebuilt, and growing demand for new facilities. Find out more

How Precast Builds: Affordable Multi-Family Housing Solutions

In this program, participants will learn the basics of using precast concrete in single-family and multi-family housing. Find out more

An Introduction to Precast Concrete Residential Housing

How Precast Builds: Hollow-Core Floors and Walls

This course instructs participants about hollow-core products, how to design and build utilizing hollow-core floors and walls the inherent fire resistance of hollow-core. Find out more

Design and Construction with Hollow Core Museum of Fine Art in Houston at night
Total precast concrete structureUT Dallas concrete structure precast manufacturing association Oklahoma New Mexico PCMA, Hollow-Core Concrete

How Precast Builds: Total Precast Concrete Structures

After this program, participants will be more familiar with what a total precast concrete structure is and how a total precast structure can benefit a project. Find out more

Sustainable Design Using Precast Concrete Parking structure with football pitch on the roof precast concrete manufacturing association texas oklahoma New Mexico sustainable design infrastructure

How Precast Builds: Sustainable & Resilient Structures

The key to sustainable building lies in long-life, adaptable, low-energy design, using precast concrete in buildings conserves energy and resources during and after construction. Find out more

How Precast Builds: Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities

How precast concrete systems allow industrial structures to meet the demands of heavy use and dynamic production advancement. Find out more

Industrial Structures, Total Precast Concrete, Industrial Structure of Precast Concrete Southwest Airlines LEAD center precast concrete industrial structure

Designing High-Performance Bridge & Transportation Structures

This presentation will introduce how high performance is being applied to special purpose and routine highway structures in the transportation industry. Find out more

Designing High Performance Bridge & Transportation Structures 7th Street Bridge Fort Worth, Precast Concrete Bridge
Canadian Valley, Precast Concrete Design

Total Precast FEMA Extreme!

Precast/ Prestressed concrete is resistant to tornadoes, hurricanes, and wind. About 1,200 tornadoes hit the United States every year and every state is at risk. Find out more