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The Precast Concrete Manufacturers Association, represents New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Through its Partner, Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), provides the latest in research, design standards, architectural solutions, and educational programming. 

Providing technical and architectural information on steel-reinforced precast concrete offers designers the ability to create durable and attractive concrete structures.

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The Precast Concrete Manufacturer’s Foundation (PCMf) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed to provide financial assistance to those seeking training and education in the construction trades.

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We have literally hundreds of years of precast prestressed concrete innovation and experience.

The Precast Concrete Manufacturers Association can find answers and solutions to your design or technical challenges from our diverse manufacturer member base. Find a Precast Concrete Manufacturer to fit your design and build needs.

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Best in Precast Concrete Awards

Our 2024 Best in Precast Concrete Award Program. Developed to recognize design excellence, innovation, and construction quality, using precast concrete.

Eleven Award Winning Precast Concrete Construction projects that demonstrate the structural versatility and architectural possibilities that are achievable with precast concrete.            

Best in Precast 2020 Awards
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Seminars Brought Right to Your Door

PCMA offers a variety of Learn@Lunch Programs that are presented either virtually or at your office. Either way, you provide the venue, PCMA provides a quality lunch, and an AIA-approved educational program in one-hour or one and half hour formats.

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Project Profiles


Don’t just take our word for it we have an array of project profiles to inspire you in the use of precast concrete including bridges, parking structures, multi-use buildings, stadiums, industrial, healthcare facilities, schools, and churches! 

Why Precast Concrete?

Total Precast

A total precast prestressed concrete structure might combine structural prestressed steel reinforced concrete beams, columns, double “t”s or hollow core slabs with insulated wall panels, spandrels or architectural precast panels to construct buildings with both form and function.

Building Envelope

As an architectural veneer, precast concrete easily compliments and connects to cast-in-place concrete, steel-framed, and masonry structures providing sustainable aesthetics and durability. 

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The Precast Concrete Manufacturers Association appreciates our Associate Members for their experience, knowledge, and commitment to the precast prestressed concrete industry. They are our partners and their products help us bring your designs to life!

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Check out our Webinar Series

The Precast Concrete Manufacturers Association has introduced a series of webinars, which in addition to our Learn@Lunch program, is just another convenient way for architects and engineers to obtain continuing education credit from the comfort of their own computers.

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