PCMA BIP 2022 Aztec by MANCO 2022

Best Structural Use

Aztec Theater Overlook Terrace

Aztec Theater Overlook Terrace


The iconic Aztec Theater in San Antonio, Texas recently expanded by adding an outdoor terrace. The theater’s new terrace is a versatile space with the perfect setting for an event overlooking the famous San Antonio River Walk.

Project Timeline

Using hollow core planks produced an instant floor system eliminating the need for deck shoring which is common in cast-in-place systems. Hollow core planks were off-loaded directly from delivery trucks and set into the final position. Easy handling of the product allows the erctor to set several thousand square feet of hollow core planks per day and, in some cases, the total installation can be completed in one day.    

Key design features

One of many unique properties of Spancrete Hollow Core planks is the ability to clear-span long distances and support unusually higher super-imposed loading. The planks are capable of handling heavy vehicle loads in service bays as well as roof loads with heavy rooftop equipment.

Pedestrian loading is usually higher than vehicles sometimes exceeding 100 lbs. per square foot as in the case of the Aztec Overlook Terrace. The terrace balcony was completed with minimal traffic disturbance giving the Aztec Theater patrons a magnificent view of the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk.    


Because of the versatility and durability of Spancrete Hollow Core planks, the applications are endless. They have been used in parking garages, wastewater treatment plants, multi-story high-rise structures, hospitality, residential construction, and pedestrian bridges. Another design feature of the Spancrete Hollow core planks is the acoustical properties. The resistance to high levels of sound transmission and impact noise absorption make the planks ideal for use in hotel floor construction.  

Precast concrete components 

Spancrete Hollow Core planks used were 12″ thick with spans over 45 feet.

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