Sargent Beach Bridge

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Sargent Beach Bridge


The FM 457 Sargent Beach Bridge bridge in Sargent was in need of replacement because of its age and the high maintenance costs associated with its upkeep. TxDOT proposed to replace the swing bridge with a concrete bridge that would span the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway to provide access for residents on the south side of the waterway.

Project timeline

TxDOT designed a “corkscrew bridge” to replace the swing bridge. The limited space along FM 457, combined with the height requirement for a replacement structure to accommodate barge traffic through the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, made the corkscrew bridge the optimal design for the site.

Key Corkscrew Bridge Design features

Bexar Concrete Works out of San Antonio Texas team up with Modjeski and Masters to redesign the project’s prestress elements and design prestress/precast bent caps.

Accomplishments using precast concrete 

Since its opening in April of 2021, locals have enjoyed the fact that they no longer have to wait 15 minutes or more to cross the water, as they did with the former swing bridge. This elegant structure will serve as a fundamental piece of the city’s infrastructure and as an excellent display of precast engineering for many years to come.

Precast concrete components 

The 300 ft clear main span was achieved using spliced TX96 Girders of varying depths between 8 and 12 and a half feet deep. These massive pier girders weigh up to 320,000 pounds.

  • Prestress slab beams
  • Spliced TX96 Girders Precast/Prestressed Bent Caps
  • Variable Depth Pier Girder 8 ft to 12.5 ft. Weight 320,000 lbs Approach Prestressed Bent Caps 150,000 lbs
  • Main Span Prestressed Bent Caps 250,000 lbs