Woman’s Hospital of Texas Parking Garage

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HCA Woman’s Hospital of Texas Parking Garage


The Woman’s Hospital of Texas Parking Garage in Houston is a complex multiphase project. The scope of work included substantial interior renovation, demolition of an existing parking structure, and construction of a new 9-story 732,500 sq. ft. parking garage for 2,005 vehicles. DPR Construction teamed up with Legacy Precast to finalize the precast concrete scope of work and reduce costs where possible.

Project timeline

Shortly after the Woman’s Hospital of Texas Parking Garage design development in 2019, precast pieces started being produced. In early 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturing continued at the owner’s request. Then, in May of 2020 with 600 pieces of concrete produced, the owner stopped all construction nationwide to redirect all available funds to doctors, nurses, and equipment at their facilities. After a 7-month delay, the precaster was able to resume manufacturing and meet the new schedule.

Key design features

At three bays wide, the nine-level structure stands 105 feet tall and includes 611,000 square feet of suspended double tees. At over 437 feet in length, the project included one expansion joint, and two elevator banks. The garage also features C-Shaped Spandrels with 4” form projections and cast-in-thin-brick veneer, as well as, post applied architectural screens on various parts of the project. Architectural finishes on the Woman’s Hospital of Texas Parking Garage include cast-in thin brick and architectural concrete mix design with a medium sandblast finish.

Innovations using precast concrete 

By utilizing precast concrete this team was able to control costs and maintain the architectural design intent while meeting the aggressive schedule for installation during the stop-and-go chaos of the recent pandemic.

Precast concrete components 

In all, 1,688 pieces of precast/prestressed concrete were delivered and erected ahead of schedule and within budget.

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