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Park Place Denton Student Housing Apartments

Park Place Denton Student Housing Apartments


A COVID-19 pandemic project for a large student housing apartment complex near the University of North Texas campus in Denton. Start, Stop and finally Resume Work after sitting idle for ten months due to COVID.

In 2019, Park 7 Group negotiated the precast concrete parking garage scope with Legacy Precast for the complex design-build project, which included seven levels of parking, three stand-alone stair and elevator cores and a loading dock structure. Two levels of structured precast parking were below grade and utilized precast retaining walls, while the top level of the parking garage is an awesome amenities deck with swimming pool, sport court, gym and other features.

Given the complexity and size of the parking structure, Park 7 called on the experts at Legacy Precast and their vast experience to join the team and work with the engineer and architect to finalize schematic design and complete all construction documents. After the in-person kickoff meeting, Humphrey’s and Partners Architects coordinated a series of design meetings with all consultants including Legacy Precast and their precast specialty engineer, John Schwab at Spannbeton.

Huss Sinjari with Legacy Precast led the effort with Park 7 to finalize the construction documents, while Charles Franke with Legacy Precast and John Schwab with Spannbeton evaluated and priced numerous value engineering scenarios to reduce costs and finalize the precast concrete scope of work.

At two-bays wide, the seven-level structure with two levels below grade and five above included 136,000 sq. ft. of suspended double tees and 712 pieces of precast/prestressed concrete. In addition, the precast scope included three stand-alone stair and elevator cores for the wood framed apartment structure. Given the complexity of the installation and the Dallas metro location, Legacy Precast engaged SnS Erectors for the installation, which due to COVID, included two mobilizations ten months apart and building an all-weather road into the lower level to access the site and efficiently set precast. All precast was delivered and erected within budget by Legacy Precast LLC from Brookshire, Texas.

Project Timeline

From design development in 2019, the Legacy Precast team of Huss Sinjari and Charles Franke, along with John Schwab at Spannbeton worked to optimize the design, manufacturing, and installation of the all-precast concrete building system.

The contract was executed in 2019, product was produced and installation was underway in early 2020, then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The owner stopped work in June of 2020. Legacy Precast had installed 413 pieces of concrete and had 299 pieces remaining. We had no choice but to secure the site, demobilize and discontinue manufacturing of the project and work with the owner to restart at a later date. Ten months later in April 2021 we remobilized the site and completed the installation on time. After a ten-month delay, Legacy Precast was able to resume manufacturing and met the new schedule, which would not have been possible without our partners on the project, Spannbeton precast specialty engineering and SnS Erectors.

Key design features

Key design features include:

1. All precast concrete parking structure with two levels in the ground, which were possible with precast retaining walls.

2. Amenities deck on the top level of the garage with large five-foot deep transfer beams to support the swimming pool, sport court, gym, and various other amenities.

3. Stand-alone precast stair and elevator cores for the wood framed apartment building.

4. An integrated precast concrete loading dock structure.


By utilizing precast concrete and teaming with Legacy Precast early in the process, the owner, contractor, architect, and EOR were able to achieve their design intent and control costs. This included two levels of parking below grade and an incredible amenities deck all under the height restrictions in the community, while meeting parking requirements for the extremely tight site.

Precast concrete components 

Type and Number of Pieces – 712 pieces

271 double tees, 35 spandrels, 176 walls, 20 vertical ramp walls and 29 beams

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