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The Sondery by Aspen Heights Partners

The Sondery by Aspen Heights Partners – Austin, Texas

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The Sondery Apartments parking garage is a 2-Bay, 5-story total precast concrete structure located in Austin’s East River Corridor. It has 148,000 square feet of area and accommodates 408 spaces of tenant parking for the 323 unit apartment complex that wraps around this structure on 3 sides.


The parking garage was built during the first phase of a 4-phase construction plan. The garage had to be fully erected before any apartment framing could commence. In order to streamline the process, the precast concrete manufacturer, Manco Structures, worked directly with the developer and their design group during pre-planning, design coordination, and permitting.


Due to the site limitations, a storm run-off detention basin was constructed in the sub level of the garage. The basin was then covered with double tees which serve as both the lid for the basin below and provide parking above. To optimize full use of the narrow site and to allowing the construction of more apartment units on the ground level, the amenities structures are built on the roof level of the garage.

  • Precast Manufacturer: Manco Structures – Schertz, Texas
  • Architect: GFF Architects – Austin, Texas
  • Engineer of Record: DCI Engineers – Austin, Texas
  • General Contractor: SpawGlass – Austin, Texas
  • Precast Concrete Engineer: CEG – The Consulting Engineers Group Inc. – San Antonio, Texas

PCMA Associates

  • Alamo Cement Company
  • ALP Supply
  • Commercial Metals Company
  • Conac Concrete Accessories Inc.
  • CEG – The Consulting Engineers Group Inc.
  • Dayton Superior
  • Eco Material Technologies Inc.
  • GCP Applied Technologies
  • Hamilton Form Company Ltd
  • JVI
  • Leviat
  • Midwest Industrial Supply Inc.
  • MI-JACK Products
  • National Wire L.L.C.
  • Oklahoma Steel & Wire
  • Splice Sleeve North America
  • Wire Mesh Corporation