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WinStar Event Center Parking Garage

WinStar Event Center Parking Garage – Thackerville, Oklahoma

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The WinStar Event Center Parking Garage is a total precast project for the WinStar Casino Event Center to accommodate guest parking for the new Lucas Energy Event Center, Hotels, and Casino in Thackerville, OK. It is a three-bay, six-story garage that holds over 1,200 cars. This large ornate structure is the work of the collaborative effort of two precast concrete manufacturers from sister plants.


Coreslab Structures (OKLA) produced most of the interior structural components, and Coreslab Structures (Texas) produced the exterior architectural elements; enabling the design team to give the general contractor and owner the shortest construction schedule possible. A cohesive collaboration was achieved through the efforts of a great specialty precast concrete engineer who intentionally designed pieces that worked for each of the plant’s standards. By splitting the work between two plants, the precast concrete elements of this garage were completed and erected just 13 months after the ‘notice to proceed’.


In addition to driving a fast-paced timeline to meet the current needs of the owner, the garage is also designed to meet future needs. One whole elevation is designed to easily tie into a future expansion of the garage.


Nine-hundred structural pieces were produced in Oklahoma including 550 double tees spanning up to 63’ long. Two-hundred and fifteen pieces were produced in Texas, most of which feature contrasting colors and textures. This was accomplished by casting the pieces specially to project portions of the design to be ‘proud’ of the rest of the precast concrete components. These architectural pieces also incorporate integral colored concrete mix and contrasting sandblast depths to create farther contrast of texture.


This parking structure provides an attractive façade, yet was intentionally designed to easily adapt into an expanded garage as the area continues to grow, proving that precast concrete can be both a highly logical and dynamic design choice to cater to the need for efficiency and aesthetic.

  • Precast Manufacturer: Coreslab Structures (OKLA) Inc. – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Precast Manufacturer: Coreslab Structures (Texas) Inc. – Cedar Park, Texas
  • Architect: HBG Design Group – Memphis, Tennessee
  • Engineer of Record: Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc. – Frisco, Texas
  • General Contractor: Manhattan Construction Company – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Precast Concrete Engineer: FDG Incorporated – Arvada, Colorado
  • Owner: Chickasaw Nation – Ada, Oklahoma

PCMA Associates

  • ALP Supply
  • Arcosa Lightweight
  • Commercial Metals Company
  • Conac Concrete Accessories Inc.
  • Dayton Superior
  • JVI
  • Leviat
  • Master Builders Solutions
  • MI-JACK Products
  • Nox-Crete Products Group
  • Oklahoma Steel & Wire
  • Sika Corporation
  • Splice Sleeve North America
  • Wire Mesh Corporation