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7001 Burnet Road – Austin, Texas

7001 Burnet Road – Austin, Texas

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The mixed-use development at 7001 Burnet Road in Austin, Texas, is a unique multi-functional property that includes an attached parking structure. Each of the three main spaces within this development were designed to have their own unique aesthetic. 10,000 square feet of architectural precast concrete cladding provides a dramatic visual appeal to the exterior of the garage. The ornate cladding complements the other spaces while making a unique statement of its own. The main goal of the garage architecture was to create an ‘open-air feel’.


With help from the precast concrete manufacturer, GATE Precast, the architect was able to achieve a similar appearance to the original ‘breeze block’ concept using architectural precast panels. The cladding emulates the look of mesh and allows both natural light and air to freely flow through the parking structure, while still providing the strength and durability of concrete. Additionally, by selecting precast concrete, the design team reduced the complexity of construction and saved time compared to the breeze block option. Installation of this highly decorative facade was complete in just 12 days.


In order to cast the precise geometry, the precaster utilized a CNC machine to fabricate the casting deck, so that the molds for the openings could be placed in exactly the right location. This resulted in a more efficient and cost-effective production process. In addition, foam insulation was added to the rubber block-outs in order to reduce the amount of rubber used.


Only through the use of precast concrete could a design that seems so intricate and complex be broken into just 70 efficiently-cast and constructed panels.The cladding has quickly become a key feature of the property’s architecture, and even inspired the development’s official logo. This modern and striking façade is a fantastic example of how precast concrete can elevate the architectural design of a project while remaining a practical choice.

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  • Precast Manufacturer: GATE Precast Company – Hillsboro, Texas
  • Architect: Gomez Vazquez International – San Antonio, Texas
  • General Contractor: Austin Commercial – Austin, Texas
  • Owner: Colina West Limited – Austin, Texas
  • Engineer of Record: MJ Structures – Austin, Texas

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