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Compass Moonraker Red Oak Data Centers

Compass Moonraker Red Oak Data Centers – Red Oak, Texas

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The Compass Moonraker Red Oak Data Centers will consist of 10 superstructures in Red Oak, Texas, four of the structures are currently installed with the remaining six underway. Each structure consists of approximately 1,000 pieces of precast with over 240,000 square feet of precast roof deck. These total precast structures feature 10” thick insulated composite panels on the exterior incorporating architectural mix designs with sandblast finish and select use of formliner. The precast concrete manufacturer, Coreslab Structures (Texas), was engaged early in the design process to act as a regional precast partner to help deliver an efficient design that best utilizes the many benefits of total precast construction.


This project was on a very aggressive agenda. Precast shop drawings were started, then after a short 5-day approval process, precast concrete production started just two weeks later, with erection starting only nine weeks after that. A large part of the success in keeping on top of the fast-paced schedule can be attributed to daily coordination meetings with the design team and general contractor, and strong relationships between vendors. The Compass Data Centers culture of continuous improvement helped guide the team to better and more effective designs with each building, while providing timely input and decisions to support the aggressive schedules.


A few key innovations that are featured in these superstructures are the use of Tiger-Loc imbeds, a smooth float finish on all roof top products, use of carbon reducing technology in the concrete, and an extremely open floor plan design. First, the Tiger-Loc imbeds at window and door jambs allow for easy installation of windows and doors, reduce thermal bridging, and provide protection from insects, rot, and fire. Next, the smooth float finish with recessed connections on the roof allow direct-applied moisture barrier for a secondary roofing system. Finally, these data centers were specifically designed with an open floor plan in order to make the building space as functional and flexible as possible. Moment frames were designed in lieu of solid shear walls. This greatly reduced multi-trade coordination, and allowed the exterior insulated walls to be non-shear elements to accommodate future remodels and equipment change outs. Additionally, long span 34” deep double tees allowed large clear spans by minimizing column locations. The double tees and beams also included continuous channels at 4-feet on center for data hall ceiling and minimized expansion anchor bolt installations.


Not only did the use of precast concrete allow the creation of this infrastructure to happen on such an intense timeline, but this unique precast design also allows for greater flexibility of the MEP configurations so that these data centers will successfully adapt and endure as the ever-changing world of technology continues to advance.

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  • Precast Manufacturer: Coreslab Structures (Texas) Inc. – Cedar Park, Texas
  • Architect of Record: HED – Detroit, Michigan
  • Engineer of Record: HED – Sacramento, California
  • General Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie – Dallas, Texas

PCMA Associates

  • Alamo Cement Company
  • ALP Supply
  • Architectural Polymers, Inc
  • Arcosa Lightweight
  • Capitol Aggregates, Inc.
  • CarbonCure Technologies
  • Chryso Inc.
  • Commercial Metals Company
  • Conac Concrete Accessories, Inc
  • Dayton Superior
  • Eco Material Technologies Inc.
  • Eriksson Technologies, Inc
  • Euclid Chemical
  • Hamilton Form Company, Ltd
  • JVI
  • Leviat
  • MI-JACK Products
  • National Wire L.L.C.
  • Oklahoma Steel & Wire
  • Sumiden Wire Products Corporation – PC Strand
  • Sylvan Precast Systems
  • Unintech Consulting Engineer, Inc.
  • Wire Mesh Corporation