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Cavender Jaguar Land Rover Dealership and Service Center Parking Garage


The Cavender Jaguar/Land Rover Dealership and Service Center Parking Garage is a 5-story multi-bay precast concrete structure encompassing 162,800 square feet of new vehicle parking and a vehicle service area. Unlike traditional parking layouts, the vehicles are parked end-to-end 3, sometimes 4 cars deep, leaving about 10 feet of drive aisle. The second floor of the garage serves as the roof of a 48-bay service area. These double tees were designed to support a waterproofing membrane and dense foam insulation sandwiched between two layers of concrete topping. The top level of the garage was constructed in a similar manner for added waterproofing. The first level also houses approx. 9,000 square feet of parts storage area, make-ready shops, tire storage room and various support offices all within the confines of precast concrete.

Summary of key design features of Cavender Jaguar Land Rover Dealership

Manco was brought on board early in the design stages to work closely with the design team and Owner to coordinate items such as equipment head clearances, heavy loading capacities of the double tees and hollow core planks, and waterproofing of the first elevated level and roof level to protect the equipment within the service area. Also, as the use of shear walls were not permitted within the shop area, the structure was designed to incorporate external shear walls exclusively. 

Summary of innovations or accomplishments using precast concrete

One of the challenges was to design a floor system that would not only support the vehicle loading and the additional concrete topping on the second level, but also the weight of the overhead equipment used to service the vehicles. Another challenge was to take into consideration the low profile of sport cars. Some models have a wheelbase-to-ground clearance as low as 4inches. In order to keep cars from bottoming out at the top of the ramp, or loosing a bumper at the bottom, the double tees at the exterior ramp were set in a manner to create a curve effect at these locations.

Precast concrete components with Cavender Jaguar Land Rover Project

The parking structure contains approximately 700 precast concrete components consisting of both standard and atypical

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