Austin MLS Stadium

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Austin MLS Stadium


Austin MLS Stadium is a major league soccer stadium with 20,500 seating capacity and 850 parking spaces situated on 24 acres.

Key design features

Austin MLS Stadium is an open-air stadium with large metal truss overhangs giving this stadium a modern and unique look. Field turf was grown in AZ and imported to Austin, TX. Meanwhile, parts of the west and north sides used precast concrete with a wood grain finish made by Redondo.

Innovations or accomplishments using precast concrete

Owners desired a seamless look over vomitory walls, which CEG & HEI set by using large block-outs in risers. This required special lifting bars to handle those specific pieces. Some of the precast stairs were over 25′ in length, calling for a deeper pit and changes to HEI’s stationary formwork. Halfen inserts were also used to allow for more seating and guardrails.

All precast erection was performed on nightshift and used the same cranes from the dayshift that were used by the steel erection crew. Space for staging precast was a constant battle during this project. However, the job was done on time!

Precast concrete components

554 pieces of precast were used in this Austin MLS Stadium project; the largest being 53 tubs that were over 40′ in length and weighed over 50,000 lbs.

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