SHI Garza Ranch

Best Commercial Use

SHI Garza Ranch Office & Parking Garage


The SHI Office at Garza Ranch is a four level, 250,000 sf office building primarily clad with precast and curtain wall. The building plan is laid out with two wings and a central lobby connecting the two which also provides convenient access to the parking garage directly across a private drive. The main elevation of the parking garage facing the office was made using the same architectural mix design and sandblast finish as the precast on the office building to further tie the two structures together

Key design features of SHI Garza Ranch Office and Parking Garage

The SHI office utilized 239 pieces of architectural precast panels including walls, spandrels, and column covers. 12 of the column covers were L-Shaped and fabricated by match casting the two faces to maintain consistent architectural finishes. These L-Shaped column covers then created full column cover wraps at the ground level covered walkway.

The SHI parking garage consisted of 976 pieces of structural precast; including 476 double tees which created over 300,000 sf of elevated deck area. The SHI Garza Ranch garage was designed with a prominent stair and elevator lobby at one end to be directly across from the office building allowing for efficient pedestrian movement between the two.

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