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Port Freeport Berth 8 and RORO Dock

Port Freeport Berth 8 and RORO Dock – Freeport, Texas

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The Port of Freeport Berth 8 is an expansion of the Velasco container terminal in Freeport, Texas. The expansion is the single largest public port built on the Texas Gulf Coast. Berth 8 features over 925 feet of dock and an associated roll-on/roll-off dock extension. The roll-on/roll-off (or RORO) dock structure is designed to easily load and unload a vessel using wheeled cargo or platform vehicles in lieu of cranes. This particular structure can also be adapted to work with cranes, ensuring the new dock has the ability to meet the evolving needs of the port. (AJOT, 2023)


The new berth also had to be constructed without disrupting access to Berth 7, requiring careful coordination while vessels were docked. (BreakBulk, 2023) This is a prime example of the flexibility of precast extending beyond design alone. Even the installation process of precast concrete is significantly more efficient than other materials. By utilizing precast concrete’s full potential, the delivery and construction process has the ability to easily work in conjunction with exacting schedules.


Heldenfels Enterprises was selected to produce the precast concrete caps and deck for Berth 8 and it’s roll-on/roll-off dock extension. The scope of precast for the 100,000 square feet of deck included one-hundred highly engineered precast caps weighing up to 90,000 pounds, and 540 prestressed panels containing over 1.6 million pounds of reinforcing.


This massive feat of historic engineering was accomplished through utilizing the flexibility, strength, and durability of precast concrete.

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  • Precast Manufacturer: Heldenfels Enterprises, Inc – San Marcos, Texas
  • Precast Concrete Engineer: Heldenfels Enterprises, Inc – San Marcos, Texas
  • General Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. – Houston, Texas
  • Precast Concrete Engineer: Eriksson Technologies, Inc – Tampa, Florida

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  • Eriksson Technologies, Inc