Arbuckle Reservoir aerial photo

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Arbuckle Reservoir Project

The Arbuckle Reservoir Project, in Lane City, Texas, is on 1,100 acres of land and built by the Lower Colorado River Authority. In fact, it’s the first significant new water supply reservoir in the lower Colorado River basin in decades. 

The Arbuckle Reservoir Project, will supply over 90,000 acre-feet per year of  region water supply.

Other project facts:

  • Five miles of an embankment with 3,442 3ft tall precast concrete parapets, called wave walls, store 40,000 acre-feet of water at a time.
  • The wave wall is a structural concrete wall installed in segments at the top of the embankment consisting of 8-foot-long pre-cast reinforced concrete wave wall panels.
  • Located on the Texas Gulf Coast Prairie in Wharton, County, off the main channel of the Colorado River.
  • The most fundamental question was whether to cast the wave wall in place on the crest of the embankment, or to prefabricate the concrete panels at a facility and then
    place and anchor the panels on the crest of the embankment.
  • Previously called the Lane City Reservoir.
  • Plus, 8-TX28 girders, 36-deck panels, and 15-slab beams for an access bridge and the pump station structure for this reservoir project.
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