Domain Eleven

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Domain 11 Parking Garage

The Domain 11 Garage provides parking for an office building located at a prime location in the urban district known as the “Domain Development” in North Austin.

The 7-level precast Domain 11 parking garage completely interfaces with the adjacent office building and incorporates exterior aluminum trellis features along the garage faces that align with this building. This provides for a seamless transition from the modern glass and metal façade of the tower into the more traditional framing of the garage. A special board-form-pattern was cast into the precast panels at Level 1 and in mechanical screening areas to provide further articulation of the exterior.

One end of the garage incorporates street level retail space within the precast structure. Specific detailing was required to separate the two occupancy classes, including providing waterproofing, special insulation, and a 7” recess in the precast floor system. Special reinforcing and connection details were developed to allow for a continuous structural topping diaphragm to act through this step in the structure.

Coreslab Structures (Texas) Inc. provided and installed the 912 precast components for the complete precast parking garage including the retail space. This made for a total of 307,000 S.F. of elevated deck. The precast components for this Domain 11 garage were designed, fabricated, and installed in a 10-month period. Limited on-site impact, due to the short 12-week installation and minimal footprint needed for the erection of the structure, reduced interruption to the dense development area surrounding the project site. This was only achievable by utilizing precast as a primary building material.

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