Globe Life Stadium

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Globe Life Stadium (Texas Rangers)


To summarize, The Globe Life Stadium is a 1.7 million square feet ballpark located on 13 acres and holds 41,000 seats. Shortly, it will be home to games ranging from high school and college sporting events to pro and even international baseball games.

Key design features

First, taking into consideration the hot climate of the state, a massive retractable roof was incorporated. Uniquely, the closed structure introduces a fully climate-controlled atmosphere. In fact, this is a first of its kind in a major league baseball facility.

Primarily, the Globe Life Stadium design aims to improve the comfort of watching games, with wider seats and a varied front-row seating design. In contrast, when open, this roof rolls out onto a steel frame with decorative thin brick precast arches. Altogether, this is supported by a steel frame on precast arches.

Second, two concourse rings allow for easy circulation. Also, restrooms and concessions are receded from the seating bowl to avoid the obstruction of views. Moreover, the plaza-facing north wall was designed with a mixture of 18 brick, local limestone, granite arches filled with curtain walls in between. As a result, people will be able to walk on the corridor under the arches of the main concourse and look down onto the plaza on one side and the game on the other.

The design of a large plaza and multi-level landscape outside the stadium was inspired by farmhouse porches. Interestingly, the project also borrowed elements from other ballparks, paying tribute to the neighboring stadiums by using arches. In fact, it also referenced other local arch-sporting landmarks.

Innovations or accomplishments using precast concrete

On the whole, a new approach was taken to the precast construction. For example, an irregular “distressed finish” on the precast provides more random, organic veins/impressions gives the appearance of natural stone. However, this came at a fraction of the cost. Notably, the architect stated, “The level of exterior texture, gave the façade a travertine look, but in more monolithic, large random blocks.”

In the end, the 90,000 square feet of vertical insulated and non-insulated architectural precast concrete walls will have a combination of thin brick, form liner, sandblast finish, and our unique ‘distressed finish’ (pictured in multiple images).

Precast concrete components

Globe Life Stadium is approximately 114,000 square feet of precast. Finish: White cement and one pigment, thin brick, form liner, polished and acid etch finish. 582 panels, 11″ insulated (5″/2″/4″) and 8″ solid panels. Additionally, a 2nd PCI producer provided 1,650 structural components in the Globe Life Stadium including Risers, Raker beams, columns beams, and interior structural walls. In fact, the cooperation and mix of the two different precasts (which are typically competitors in this market) were absolutely essential to the project’s success.

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