Best Total Precast Parking Structure (Large)

HP Plaza Parking Garage

The HP Plaza parking structure was built to accommodate 2,129 cars at the new HP Inc. campus in Spring, Texas. The four-bay wide, six level structure with 560,000 sq. ft. of suspended double tees, and 1,612 pieces of precast prestressed concrete was delivered on time and within budget, and quickly erected within 22 weeks.

Key design features of the The HP Plaza parking structure included typical precast products and systems, such as field-topped double tees providing for a uniform and consistent field installed concrete. Provided by the the contractor, this concrete topping eliminated over 100,000 linear feet of caulking, and reduced maintenance of the double tee joints for the owner. In addition, the field-topped double tee system improved the user experience for a smooth ride by eliminating the “bump” every twelve feet.

By utilizing precast concrete and teaming with Legacy Precast early in the process, the contractor and developer were able to control costs by simplifying the overall structure and meeting the aggressive schedule for installation, which included a congested site and the construction of two new stand-alone office buildings adjacent to the parking structure.

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