Precast concrete Storm Shelters

Best Use - Total Precast Hardened Structure

KFOR News Studio

The KFOR News Studio building is able to withstand an F-3 tornado, allowing the studio personnel to stay in place safely broadcasting in the event of a strong storm or tornado.

KFOR News in Oklahoma City had been broadcasting from the same location since its original building was constructed in the 1940s. The structure had undergone many additions, renovations, and updates during its nearly 80-year lifespan before the owners decided it was time for a replacement. Given the increasing size and severity of storms in the Midwest, they wanted a building that could withstand whatever Mother Nature doled out. The design features a 42,880 ft² studio with an additional covered parking area to protect 130 vehicles. Also, by prefabricating the structure and exterior panels, they reduced the construction schedule by several months compared to alternative construction methods.

The architect and CEC contacted Coreslab Structures in the schematic stage because they recognized that a precast concrete solution would help them address many of these challenges. Using precast concrete could accommodate the budget, reduce the construction schedule, and meet the “hardened structure” requirements for a strong and resilient building.

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