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Best Mixed-Use Project

Service Federal Credit Union Corporate HQ Parking Garage and Central Plant Facility

The Security Service Federal Credit Union Corporate Headquarters Parking Garage and Central Plant is a 5 story, 4 bay precast concrete structure with over 1,200 parking spaces and incorporates a state-of-the-art Central Plant for the adjacent office building.

The precaster worked closely with the Security Service Federal Credit Union design team. First, the general contractor and various trade contractors to develop project schedules so that the Security Service Federal Credit Union parking garage. Next, the more critical Central Plant would be constructed simultaneously with the Headquarters’ Office building. Moreover, this was vital to the schedule, as the entire mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems serving the office building had to be integrated with the abundant equipment, piping, and conduit housed within the Central Plant.

The team was challenged to design a floor and a clear-span roof system for the central plant that would support extraordinary loads. From centrifugal pumps, boilers, compressors, generators, and electrical switchgear inside the building to a pair of chilled water cooling towers on the roof, these loads exceed 250 lbs. per square foot. The use of precast concrete proved to be flexible, efficient, and structurally enduring at the Central Plant facility. It also imparted a clean and modern look for the parking garage while complimenting the 210,000 square foot precast cladding office complex.

The corporate HQ Security Service Federal Credit Union parking garage and Central Plant structure are comprised of over 1,000 precast concrete components including standard and heavy-duty double tees, columns, inverted tee beams, spandrels, wall panels, stair units, and hollow-core planks.

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