South West Airlines Leadership Education and Aircrew Development (or LEAD) Center

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Southwest Airlines Wings

The 865,000 square foot Southwest Airlines Wings complex included a four-story Flight Training Center and a six-story office facility. A pedestrian sky bridge spans over Denton Drive to connect the new building to the existing campus. RWB provided corporate office MEP engineering services for this project.

The Leadership Education and Aircrew Development (or LEAD) Center was designed and built to protect its expensive equipment against natural or man-made disasters. Precast/prestressed walls were selected to provide a hardened exterior designed to withstand the forces of an F4 tornado.

The structurally durable precast panels provide the LEAD center storm protection to the center while offering a pleasing aesthetic through the versatile use of architectural concrete surfaces with varying finishes and patterns.

This massive corporate office included large dining and meeting spaces on the ground floor to support the workers in the office complex and the people utilizing the Flight Training Center. The design for the dining spaces sought to provide an open and airy feeling to occupants, and as such there is no defined ceiling. RWB took great care in MEP design to ensure that our exposed building systems would still meet the needs of the space.

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