Methodist Richardson

Best Total Precast Parking Structure (Mid-Size)

Methodist Richardson Garage

The 7-level, 671 space Methodist Richardson Parking Garage was built to meet increased demand caused by the future vertical expansion to the Methodist Richardson Medical Center in Richardson, Texas.

Initially, placing the Methodist Richardson Garage at the front of the hospital campus facing Renner Road, allowed for easy access to the facilities. However, this came with design and construction challenges. For instance, keeping the adjacent emergency room and main entrance open throughout the construction process was one of these difficulties.

Notably, Coreslab Structures of Texas was brought on early to assist in the development of the garage design and precast production. Additionally, choosing precast concrete as the building material achieved three main project goals: 1) keeping up with an aggressive schedule, 2) providing high quality aesthetics, and 3) minimizing site impact for less disruption to the existing operations.

The primary elevation of the garage faces Renner Road, making aesthetics critical. For this reason, thin-set brick in precast panels was selected as the primary material. Coupled with the aluminum panel system, the finished precast panels make the Methodist Richardson Garage a seamless addition to the campus architecture.

Ultimately, the design team’s hard work allowed for early project completion. In conclusion, the parking garage at Methodist Richardson Medical Center stands out as a prime example of the challenges that can be solved with a strong and dedicated team and the use of precast concrete.

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