Neiman-Marcus-at Clearfolk

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Neiman Marcus at Clearfolk

The newly designed Neiman Marcus at Clearfolk replaces one of the chain’s oldest store locations that has a deep history and many loyal customers in the market.

The new flagship store represents an approach to design that both reaches out to new customers and their needs and seeks to maintain its current client base who have been loyal to the retailer in the Fort Worth for over fifty years.

After this evolution in the design, the architect continued to look for ways to expedite the construction of the envelope. The cost of the stainless steel ribbon weave and the significant time that would be required by the artisan who had been approached to fabricate and install the feature elements in similar fashion to the installation of an art piece came into real consideration.  Gate Precast produced beautiful, white-sparkling ribbon feature panels that adorn the major sides of the building with architectural precast concrete.

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