TCU Parking Garage

Best Architectural Façade (Mid-Size Parking Garage)

TCU Worth Hills Parking Garage

The TCU Parking Garage in Worth Hills Fort Worth, TX, is a six-level, 390,000 square foot, 1,200- space, concrete structure in a very unique location.

With construction to the east, existing offices to the west, and a running stream passing under the new construction site, architectural precast panels offered the perfect solution for the need to match the surrounding buildings. Additionally, concrete pieces embedded with thin brick, minimized construction site disturbance as compared to site-laid-up masonry. To take advantage of crane capacities, the precast components were panelized, making them larger than usual. As a result, the number of precast pieces to install was reduced, which accelerated the overall installation schedule of the parking garage. The paneling scheme also reduced the number of joints in the system, resulting in fewer sealant costs, and improved overall service life and maintenance requirements of the deck.


The pressure was on for the construction team to have the TCU parking garage parking deck functional for students prior to the beginning of the new semester. Therefore, Gate Precast collaborated with the general contractor and design team to formulate an accelerated design and installation plan. This enabled the 662 pieces to be installed five weeks ahead of schedule.

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