American Airlines Parking Facilities

Parking Structure (Large Structure)

American Airlines IOC & TCC Parking Facilities

Project details

The IOC & TCC American Airlines Parking Facilities in Fort Worth are two similar, yet distinct structures less than a mile apart. Combined, the American Airlines Parking Facilities provide over 4,700 parking spaces for American Airlines’ corporate campus.

Summary of key design features

First, the IOC Facility has outboard columns, which required a consistent finish on three sides of the columns. Additionally, the IOC Facility was laid out with two distinct wings skewed from one another by 34 degrees. In fact, this meant that many skewed and wedge-shaped double tees and other framing members for the triangular connector between the two wings were needed. The TCC Facility also needed many “picture frame” portals at the front entrance and other levels to provide depth and scale. Moreover, these frames were highlighted by using designs and finishes to create different shades of gray that tied back to the overall look of the existing campus.

Precast concrete components

There are nearly 4,000 pieces of precast concrete between these two parking garages. Each one has a mix of designs and finishes; several meant to match the look of the IOC building that was built years prior. Also, certain panels had “buttons” to match the look of form ties that were used for site-cast concrete to further tie the structures into their surroundings for the American Airlines Parking Facilities.