The First Baptist Church of Dallas

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First Baptist Church of Dallas

The First Baptist Church of Dallas

The First Baptist Church of Dallas, TX is a 275,000 square-foot worship center, children’s education building, skybridge, connecting concourse, and parking garage, located in the heart of downtown Dallas built with a concrete panel system..

Notably, The First Baptist Church of Dallas is a LEED Silver building, and as such, all sides of the building needed to be both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. The north facing portions of the project feature a custom curtain wall glazing system, and the bulk of the East, West, and South faces feature a custom designed precast concrete panel system.

The choice of insulated precast for this wall system resulted in a highly efficient thermal protective skin that provides a beautiful façade. Architecturally, the precast is designed to both reinforce the horizontality of The First Baptist Church of Dallas, while also allowing the design to flow seamlessly from panel to panel. The street level concrete panel system is recessed slightly to break up the large building mass, and also to maximize public circulation space. Custom form liners, composite insulated walls, and horizontally cantilevered panels, were all innovative details that made this church project possible.

The 210 insulated wall concrete panel system from Gate Precast, covered just over 40,000 SF of the facade. This material choice allowed for the areas with the harshest sun exposure to improve thermal performance, reduce energy consumption, and achieve sustainability goals for this Dallas Baptist Church.

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