Nordstrom Store Project

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Nordstrom Store Project

A Nordstrom in The Woodlands desired a new façade that incorporated a contemporary look, combining four different finishes and a ribbed pattern to convey a sense of fashion and texture in white concrete panels.

This Nordstrom store project design concept was developed through collaboration with Gate Precast. The designer wanted a super-white panel, but the first panels produced were so intensely white that it was difficult to distinguish the different finishes. A balance was found using a special mix design that features limestone with a small amount of sand that provides a “sparkle” effect, and allowed the various finishes to stand out. Since this was the first store constructed with the new façade, it was important that the original finishes and textures of the new store signature could be matched consistently for other stores to follow suit.

The projecting feature wall façade incorporates horizontal bands with four finishes: polished, burnished, acid-etched, and sandblasted. These bands create subtle distinctions in the white concrete panels that project an image of sophistication and elegance while retaining the traditional durability offered by precast concrete.

Once this Nordstrom store project was completed, the precast façade became the standard for the owner’s new store signature. To date, the retailer has opened two additional stores with the modernized façade used in this design and four new stores are under construction.

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