North Park Lexus Precast Concrete Parking Structure

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North Park Lexus of San Antonio Parking Structure

The North Park San Antonio Lexus Precast Concrete Parking Structure

The parking garage is a 5-story, 2-bay, precast concrete parking structure that features an external ramp. It encompasses over 180,000 square feet of new vehicle parking and uses over 600 precast components, including double tees, columns, beams, spandrels, and wall panels.

As a design/assistant team member, Manco Structures worked closely with the owner, architect, and engineers throughout all aspects of the Lexus parking structure design process. As a result, the submittal and approval process was streamlined, which cut several weeks out of the schedule. Before the owner had a general contractor on board, the submittal drawings were completed. 

The decision to keep the existing ‘make-ready’ shop in place created several challenges. Some of the precast columns had to be strategically placed around the shop so as not to interfere with existing overhead door openings. An opening was cut in the existing building’s roof and a 2ft by 2ft precast column was threaded through the opening, missing the steel bar joists by inches.

Purpose of the Precast Concrete Parking Structure

What began as a parking garage project to accommodate vehicles for a growing dealership, resulted in a dynamic structure which can be re-adapted for future office use.

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